Articles & Client Forms

Below you will find articles and legal terms that are provided for your information. We hope that they will prove useful to you. If you need legal help in Franklin County or the surrounding counties, Ms. McCray would be glad to meet with you to discuss your options. Click here to contact attorney Gena McCray or call us at (919) 497-0091 for more information.

Legal Articles Franklin County

Articles & Legal Terms

(The following require Adobe Acrobat Reader. Feel free to print for your own use.)

 How to Reduce Your Attorney Fees

How Your Attorneys Fees are Used

 General Legal Terms

 CPS Terms

 Estate Legal Terms

 Family Legal Terms

 Client Forms

All of these forms are PDF's. Simply print the document and fill in the forms with pencil and give it to your attorney.

Consultation Form for Potential Clients

Family Law Client’s Homework

Estate Planning Questions

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