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General North Carolina Law Links

The North Carolina Court System

North Carolina General Assembly

North Carolina Bar Website for Non-lawyers

North Carolina State Bar

North Carolina Governor’s Website

Law Library of Congress: North Carolina Links

Local Links

Franklin County, NC Government

Franklin County, NC Register of Deeds

Franklin County, NC Schools

Louisburg College

Granville County, NC Government

Warren County, NC Government

Vance County, NC Government

Family Law

Relevant Statutes

Chapter 7B: Juvenile Code

Chapter 48: Adoptions

Chapter 49: Illegitimate Children

Chapter 49A: Rights of Children of Artificial Insemination

Chapter 50: Divorce and Alimony

Chapter 50A: Uniform Child-Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act

Chapter 50B: Domestic Violence

Chapter 51: Marriage

Chapter 52: Powers and Liabilities of Married Persons

Chapter 52B: Uniform Premarital Agreement Act

Chapter 52C: Uniform Interstate Family Support Act


NC History of Marriage

Child Support

NC Child Support Enforcement

Electronic NC Child Support Guidelines and Worksheet

Paper Version of NC Child Support Guidelines

 Child Custody

Parenting Time Calendar


NC Department of Health and Human Services

Working with the Courts in Child Protection (Large .pdf download)

Child Welfare Information Gateway

Domestic Violence

North Carolina Council for Women/Domestic Violence Commission

North Carolina Coalition Against Domestic Violence

North Carolina Domestic Violence Crisis and Support Resources


Estate Planning

Relevant Statutes

Chapter 31: Wills

Chapter 31C: Uniform Disposition of Community Property Rights at Death Act

Chapter 32A: Powers of Attorney

Chapter 33A: North Carolina Uniform Transfers to Minors Act

Chapter 33B: North Carolina Uniform Custodial Trust Act

Chapter 36C: NC Uniform Trust Code

Chapter 36D: NC Community Trust for Persons with Severe Chronic Disabilities

Estate Administration

Relevant Statutes

Chapter 28A: Administration of Decedents’ Estates

Chapter 28B: Estates of Absentees in Military Service

Chapter 28C: Estates of Missing Persons

Chapter 29: Intestate Succession

Chapter 30: Surviving Spouses

Chapter 31A: Acts Barring Property Rights

Chapter 31B: Renunciation of Property and Renunciation of Fiduciary Powers Act

Chapter 31C: Uniform Disposition of Community Property Rights at Death Act

Chapter 32: Fiduciaries

Incompetency and Guardianships

Relevant Statutes

Chapter 34: Veterans' Guardianship Act

Chapter 35A: Incompetency and Guardianship